Actor Shweta Rohira says that her upbringing has taught her to always view men and women on an equal platform. As she celebrates International Women’s day on March 8th, she adds that both genders are interdependent. “We were always taught that men and women are equal. I grew up in a very spiritual family so the understanding of Shiv and Shakti was very clear. We are equal because men and women complement each other as men have power of action and women have the power of compassion and nurturing, so somewhere we are equal,” she says.

The actor adds that gradually everyone is becoming aware of this. “Though we don’t see gender equality but slowly and steadily the awareness is coming, where the women feel that to be equal with men they just have to rediscover the power they have in them. I feel gender equality is not a women or a man issue, it is a human issue as it affects all of us,” she says.