The men in Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV BCL talk about the women in their teams this International Women’s Day

Rohan Mehra Lucknow Nawabs – BCL has become such a medium where men and women are treated as equals. This is what makes this a very good initiative. Now, we see that even girls are crazy about cricket. Besides having a small soft ball to play cricket with, the rules are made in such a way that everyone gets an equal chance to participate. After three boys, one girl has to come and play cricket and two girls have to do balling, that is mandatory. My favourite women player in BCL is Shruti Ulfat who’s also the captain of our team Lucknow Nawabs. She has been tagged as the ”Girl of the match” from our team which is an achievement.

Amit Gaur Ahmedabad Express – It’s always fun having women players on board. They are actually the toughest bowlers. They may not have pace in their bowling, but it’s very easy to get out on their balls. Some of them are very good fielders too and many of them have even won the best player of the match. It’s always an inspiration to see your women teammates perform outstandingly in the matches. I don’t have any favourites as I honestly don’t know many of them but from season 2 to season 3, there have been some amazingly talented women playing in BCL, to name a few – Aarti, Aasiya, Shikha, Aditi and Annie. I have played with and against some of them and they have shown absolute sportsmanship and competitiveness in the games.

Amit Sarin Kolkata Babu Moshayes – I think that playing with women in BCL is the best part if you look at it because other than the ball which is so different, girls and women are the only factors which makes the game so interesting. Everybody considers them as weaklings as they are not considered to play as well as men. But they’ve shown that can they be such game changers. The best part of BCL is that women are included in the team. The fun, excitement, twists and turns that it brings is phenomenal. My favourite women player of BCL would be Shruti Ulfat. She’s always smiling, always in such high spirit no matter what the stage of the game is in. She brings so much of positivity.

Anubhav Shrivastava Chennai Swaggers – I believe its a myth that women are not on the same level as men when it comes to cricket. Now, the age has come where women are given respect. I know it’s still not happening in the rural side or towards the northern side more, but if you see, girls are given definitely the same level and same respect that men get. So, I don’t feel that there’s a disparity or that it will take ages for women to come on the same level as men. While playing cricket also women are on the same level as guys and they share equal responsibilities as guys.

Gulshan Nain – I feel women are the real game changers in this format of cricket. As every team which has got good female players has already won half the battle. Secondly, women bring a different level of energy, competitiveness and glamour quotient to the field which charges up the environment. My favourite women player is Aasiya Kazi and the reasons are many. Firstly, she is the highest wicket-taker this BCL. Secondly, she is in my team and thirdly she will kill me if I will take someone else’s name. But really jokes apart, she really is the best women player that I know.