Actor Pratham Kunwar will be playing in Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV BCL for Delhi Dragons. The actor is thrilled to be part of this team as it has been winning since the past two years. “Luckily, I’m playing for Delhi Dragons, they are the champion team for last two years. And I’m very fortunate to start my BCL campaign with the champion team. It is great playing with them,” he says.

He adds, “This is my first year in BCL and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The organizers have planned it very well and have done a great job. Congratulations to Marinating Films for this great BCL tournament.”

 The actor says that it is not tough for him to take out time for practice. “I love this sport and enjoy every bit of it. Mostly, we practice in the night so I can take out time easily,” he says.

Pratham adds that his main aim will be to make sure to not let down his team. “Delhi is winning since the last two years, so already there are many good players in the team. I have to match up to their energy levels. I’m a batsman but I have to be good in all departments. Whatever my captain and team require from me, I’m there to give it to them,” he says.

Pratham says that since all actors work out daily, stamina is not something that he is concerned about. “we actors are already very health conscious and gym freaks. So, we don’t have to do anything extra to build stamina. We also have an expert for the team, who looks after our fitness,” he says.

Pratham’s association with the game goes way back. “Cricket is in my blood. I have played a lot of cricket in my school and college time and I have represented many clubs in MCA tournaments. Being in the television industry, BCL is the best platform to show your cricketing talent and skills,” he says.

And who is his favourite cricketer? “There is only one God in Cricket and that’s none other than Sachin Tendulkar,” he says.