Actor Hiten Tejwani, who will be playing in Marinating Films’ MTV BCL as part of Kolkata Babu Moshayes, says that he has always been passionate about cricket. The actor adds that since Kolkata Babu Moshayes was owned by his friend Nivedita Basu, he was thrilled to be part of it. “I love cricket and one format is BCL. Cricket in any form is a fantastic game and of course, you get to play with all your friends,” he says, adding, “I chose to be a part of Kolkata Babu Moshayes because it’s Nivedita Basu’s team. She’s a dear friend. It’s absolutely lovely that all our besties are on one team. This is my third year with the team. We have a team of good players.”

The actor agrees that its tough to take out time to practice, however, he has a good schedule by now. “It becomes tough because we practice mostly post everyone’s pack up. That is, post 10 pm so we finish late and then the next morning again we get back to shoots. But everyone does it for the love of cricket. We practice a minimum of two to three hour daily,” he says.

He adds, “The idea is to be mentally strong. As far as the physical training and building up more stamina is concerned, I’ve started running more and have added functional training also in my workout regime.”

The actor says that he has been playing cricket since his childhood. “I love cricket since I was a kid. I think cricket is more like a religion in India and especially it was when we were kids. I was the captain of my society team back then and I remember like we check our phones the minute we get up. I used to go and check my bat as soon as I was up and finish my breakfast and go and play cricket,” he says.

And who has been his idol in the game? “My favourite players are Sachin Tendulkar and now Virat Kohli. You can see the passion on their faces and the way they play,” he says.

The actor has a lot of goals for his team. “As a team, I want to win this time. We have had close matches before. Our main responsibility will be to not to think about earlier matches and move on,” he says.

Ask him what will be the most challenging in the season, and he says, “The main challenge will be to get the new players on the same page. Every year we have changes in the team. There are few new players this time too so everyone has to work towards one goal – victory.”

Hiten says its fun to work with co-founder Anand Mishra too. “Working with Marinating Films is always a pleasure, especially Anand Mishra. They give us the liberty to be flexible,” he says.