Social media plays an important part in our lives and our telly actors tell us if they are ok with sharing their social media passwords with their loved ones?

Saurabh Pandey – Well, my wife, I think knows all my secrets then why not my passwords to everything. It’s different that she is not interested in my passwords and all. Also, it all depends on relationship to relationship. There can be many reasons to why one shares the password and why one doesn’t. Some don’t to avoid misunderstandings as well.

Abraam Pandey – Loyalty is my first priority, but I am single so no need to worry about this. I will see when a situation comes up.

Tinaa Dattaa – No, I wouldn’t because social media is work-related and I don’t want that tomorrowif we have a fight, then my guy used it against me. With your wife or your husband, you can share but, unfortunately, I am single so I haven’t given it a thought honestly. People can misuse and try and sabotage your image. So it’s better to keep it to yourself.

Sourabh Raaj Jain – No, I won’t share it with anyone, somethings are meant to be personal.

Shashank Vyas – Yes, I have no problem with that. If I can share my life issues and happy, sad moments with someone, then why it can’t be a password. After all, it’s about having an important person in your life.

Jasmin Bhasin – I don’t think I will ever share my passwords because we all have a right to privacy.  Plus, as they say, relationships are fun with a little mystery. 

Sheeba – Yes, I would share with my partner is an integral part of my life and my social media is not some state secret.

Sachin Parikh – Yes, I share my social media password with my wife. Today social media has become a big medium of a nuisance if it is not been used with proper caution. Being in the profession that we are in, people often make fake accounts and write stuff. This has become one of the biggest reasons for breakups and disputes amongst partners.  I think the best policy is to keep transparency between you and your partner and to keep a balanced relationship by sharing your social media password.

Priyamvada Kant – I’m a very transparent person I have nothing to hide. I share everything with my friends and family. My close friends know my passwords simply because I never remember them myself.

Aniruddh Dave – I am an open book now. All my accounts are verified so at least I got rid of fake profiles. Sometimes, when I am shooting and I am very busy, I send pictures or quotes to my closed ones. They all know my password.

Sneha Wagh – I believe in transparency. There’s nothing to hide from your partner. If my partner trusts me he will never ask for it too.

Sehban Azim – I don’t think one should have any problem with sharing a password with your partner. It’s just about the understanding you share with your partner or being as transparent as possible. But that also doesn’t mean that you keep checking the content again and again. Well, you can but then there’s less trust and more insecurity in the relationship and that my friend is not good for a long-term commitment.

Suhani Dhanki – Yes, I don’t see why I wouldn’t. Social media for me is the most non-personal space as everything that’s posted is public. Things that need to be private need not be published so I don’t think sharing the password is a big deal. In fact, he helps me sometimes in dealing with stalker-friendly people!