From Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahaani to now Shakti, you have tried a number of characters, from being a vampire to now a husband who is in love with a transgender, how do you see yourself growing as an actor and how do you think Television has evolved since your debut?

> Of course television has evolved. My fans have been loyal and kind to me that they have been supporting me. I am thankful to everybody. You recently won Best Actor award at ITA and then even were listed in the Sexiest Asian Men list, how overwhelming is it to receive such love from your fans. Have you ever encountered any crazy fan moments?
> These are the rewards for an actor to make him work hard. I was in a mall walking a fan came and held my hand asked me to marry her. Who will you accord Shakti’s success too? > Colors Tv because they are the ones who called me and made me hear the story. I was really reluctant to do Shakti. Your chemistry with Rubina is widely appreciated. How is it to work with her as a co-star?
> We are two professionals trying to work hard. What is Vivian’s current state of mind? > PEACE
What has been the most challenging thing about playing Harman? > To play Harman is very difficult because falling in love with a transgender is not normal according to human standards.
Is Bollywood in cards? > I don’t know if somebody appreciates my work they can call me for work. While professionally you are ruling, fans would love to know how is Vivian doing in his personal life?
> I hardly have any personal life, I go to work I come home spend time with my family and friends.