Actor Shweta Rohira always takes out time for the things that matter. Her latest adventure has been learning cycling, which she has mastered now. “I didn’t know to cycle. It was on my bucket list last year, and it’s just been two months that I have learnt,” she says, adding, “When I cycle, I feel liberated. It’s amazing when the cold wind of the morning touches your face. It makes you feel fresh and nice.”

Actor Salman Khan, who considers Shweta as his sister, was a big motivation for her to learn cycling. “I always looked upto him, when it comes to this too,” she says.

There are other advantages as well. “There are loads of benefits obviously. It’s a good form of cardio and it’s good for health but besides that it’s uplifting,” she says.

Ask her if she has tried cycling to work, and she says, “Not yet! But I would love to do that someday!”