What started with animosity between actor Shilpa Shinde and producer Vikas Gupta in the Bigg Boss house, gradually turned to friendship. However, Vikas’ behaviour in the last few episodes are making us wonder if this was just his game. Shilpa’s brother Ashutosh says that it’s too early to see if the two have truly forgotten their differences.

“I am happy that the issues have been addressed. He is into the game and he has his own definition of friendship inside the house. So let time decide how Shilpa and Vikas turn out as friends in the long run,” he says.

There are also some rumours about the two getting married! However Ashutosh refutes these allegations with a laugh. “Please stop watching those videos on YouTube, whose makers just want views and hits on their videos. But the news was hilarious. I also heard someone saying that there will be a task in the house where Shilpa and Vikas will be enacting bride and bridegroom, whereas rest of the housemates will be baraatis.. if something like that happens, then it will be fun to watch,” he says.

However Ashutosh stresses on the fact that Vikas might be Shilpa’s biggest competition in the house. “At this stage, everyone is strong. But Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan are Shilpa’s biggest competition,” he says.

Talking about Hina, Ashutosh says that she and Shilpa did get along well initially. “Both may be having their own perception of each other, which didn’t actually help build the relationship well till date, despite being from same fraternity. If you remember the first day of the show when Shilpa hugged Hina and said I am so proud of you. Later in the show, Shilpa was also seen talking with other housemates that how Hina, with all dignity, walked out of the show and still producers just stated in some news that we are maintaining same TRP without Hina Khan. She also stopped Arshi (Khan) from insulting Hina when she was in Jail and said that she should respect Hina’s seniority. Shilpa knows how to respect her colleagues,” he says, adding, “Anyways, sometimes some combinations don’t work out in that house, but we still have few days more in the show, so let’s wait and watch wats lies ahead for us!”