There isn’t much that can keep actor Sachin Parikh from doing what he loves; acting on screen. The actor is currently back on television with a pivotal role in Ek Deewana Tha, and is being loved by his fans. Thanks to its unusual storyline and ensemble cast, the show had created a great curiosity among viewers, much before it began, with its promos. Sachin plays the role of Ram Bisht, one of the significant roles in the show. His track has become the highlight of the show.

The show also stars actor Amar Upadhyay, who Sachin is enjoying working alongside. “Working with Amar as well as other talented actors in EDT is like an unforgettable experience. I have also been told by several crew members that they are immensely liking the making of this show. My character and chemistry with other protagonists, especially Donal Bisht, who is playing my daughter Sharanya; and Vikram Singh Chauhan, who is playing my would-be son-in-law Vyom, is also amazing!” says Sachin.

The actor adds that he is sure the show will go on to do exceedingly well in the future. “It is imperative for any show that the entire team works in tandem and with complete faith in the narrative. I believe that our producer Prateek, director Pratik Shah have succeeded in doing it. The results have impressed one and all. Thanks to the collective efforts, EDT has become a big show, and will continue to grow,” he says.

Meanwhile, the actor rose to fame with his lead role in Mehul Kumar’s Gujarati show, So Dahada Sasuna, where he played the role of Ravi. Talking about his struggle then, Sachin says, “It is sort of an unbeatable feat for a gujarati soap to run for more than 1,000 episodes at a stretch. I remember that people would go mad after me. For them, Ravi was their family member, a darling entertainer!”