Actor Angad Hasija’s show Bidaai is currently on air in Indonesia. The actor, who rose to fame with the same show in India and every else as well, says that the show changed his life. “Bidaai has been a lucky show for everyone. It is also a number show in Turkey, Albania and Bulgaria. Bidaai has changed my career completely; it has made me successful. People work in so many shows, they have to go through so many to make a mark, but I never had to face such problems. It is almost 5 years now that Bidaai has been off-air in India, still people are crazy for the show. I still attend events as a part of Bidaai,” says Angad.

Angad is excited to be in Indonesia currently. “Here, people are crazy about India. All my friends, who have been here, told me a lot about the country and now I finally here, so obviously, I am excited. I heard that the fans are very supportive. I know that I am going to learn something different and new,” he says.

Indian actors are often given fat pay cheques for their work in Indonesia. Ask him if this is a motivation for him as well, and he says, “It is true that they pay good money and somewhere everyone feels that their efforts should get good money, that they deserve better. And people in Indonesia are crazy about Indian actors, they love our shows, so the money will obviously be generous as well.”

The actor played a mentally challenged man in the show and says that it was tough. “My character Alekh, was a Schizophrenic. Initially, I had a problem, but I really worked hard to build the character. And now my efforts are being paid off. I got a lot of fan-following and people still praise me for my acting,” he says.

Angad also met Rani Rajesh Jagtiani of PT Spectrum Films and says that it was a pleasure. “I had heard a lot about her. When I met her, I felt very comfortable. She knows how difficult it can be to settle in a new place, so she makes sure that you are at home. She also talks very nicely. And most importantly, she is a nice person,” he adds. Rani Rajesh are famous for acquiring Indian programs and they have been pioneers and with Mahabharat telecast in Indonesia the trend of Indian actors being called to Indonesia started.